Previously Lash to Lash 

now....... WELCOME to Beauty of Tatum

Director Kani Tezaris has been in business over 12 years..Kani's passion grew for Makeup when she went to work in sales at her family business Starshots Glamour Photography back in the early years of 2002. Kani started to admire Makeup Artistry and then decided she wanted to be a Makeup Artist. Having an older sister who was the queen of everything makeup, Kani knew this was where her heart was. Kani stayed with the company for 10 years and at the same time she was freelancing as a makeup artist.

Some of Kani's Achievements :

  • Makeup Artist on location for Channel 7's newest reality show INSTANT HOTEL. Filmed in Darwin March 2017. 
  • The Today Show in 2015 when they visited Darwin
  • GHD Jayne wild inspiration show- August 2016
  • Go to Makeup Artist for Award winning Boudoir Photographer - Allison Cole
  • 500 + brides who have married in Darwin
  • Makeup for Elvina Mae Photographer - Melbourne 
  • ABC Newsreaders
  •  ResideNT Magazine

Kani's makeup career has allowed her business to blossom into what is now "Beauty of Tatum"., hiring staff to work alongside her who share the same passion and work ethics as herself. Along with product knowledge , and are qualified in more then one area. 


Kani: Director. Makeup Artist and Eyelash Technician. Kani's passion shows in everything she does. 

Heidi : Makeup Artist with the PERFECT brows !!!1 Always complimented for having the best brows.... Can you tell who does her brows ???

Phil: A eye for creative makeup, bold colours, stage makeup, and contouring! Phil is also known as VOGUE MEGAQUEEN- one of Darwin's well known drag queens. 

Santina: Sassy Santina first worked alongside Kani at starhsots several years ago. Santina is Kani's makeup artist and enjoys a smoked eye and CONTOURING is her addiction.

Sylvia:  Sylvia enjoys makeup artistry and loves anything that is glitter and highlighter... shine shine shine!! Sylvia is here on saturdays and can assist with any makeup items you may need.