Eyelash Extensions like never before..
Hollywood has long since enjoyed extending their beauty with Eyelash Extensions. Eyelash Extensions are lovely and light, glamorous , and make it easy to "Wake up with Make up


Eyelash Extensions are semi permanent fibres bonded onto your natural lash.  With a variety of lengths and thickness's, the qualified Lash Technicians at Beauty of Tatum will customise a set of Silk or Mink lashes for your eye shape and your everyday needs.  Whether you want to go nice and natural, sexy and sassy, or a textured mix, we can do anything and our artists love doing lashes!! Lash extensions last 4-5 weeks depending on your lash cycle and how well you care for them. If you wish to continue having gorgeous lashes- then infills are required every 2-3 weeks.

Ladies... these are addictive !  We aim to give you the beautiful, luscious, comfortable lashes that are the absolute envy of your friends!


                                                                      ALL PRICES ARE EXCLUSIVE OF G.S.T

Natural Full Set        $95.00
gives length to your natural lash 

Glamour Full Set      $110.00
Gives Length, darkness and glam for a more defined look.

Volume Full Set     $160.00
Giving a dramatic 3D, 4D volume enhancement to the eyes.
This look is extremely voluminous and the next step in Lash Extensions.These are premade

                                                                                               In Fills
                                                                              60 minute infill         $65.00
                                                                                  Natural & Glamour infill

(At 2-3 weeks)

After 3-4 weeks this will be required and charged as a full set.

Volume In Fills 
60 minute infill    $80-$90
( At 2- 3 weeks)

After 3-4 weeks this will be required and charged as a full set. 


Removal of lashes applied by us: $30.00
We do not remove or infill other salon lashes if they are damaged / or not applied correctly.

Full Set of Natural Extensions, Eyebrow Wax & Eyebrow Tint $ 125.00



Just a few testimonials.....

" Kani was not only professional,cheerful, informative and gentle, but she was a master at placing the lashes"

"Best experience in Eyelash Extensions ever!! So professional and so lovely"

"For anyone out there who's only ever had synthetic extensions, you will never look back once you've had these silk lashes"

"Kani, your love and talent in what you do shines through your exceptional products. Thank you "



(1) Please arrive with CLEAN EYES. No eye makeup , No mascara, No Eyeliner.
(2) Please allow up to 2 hours for a Fullset of Extensions
(3) Please do not wear contact lenses to the appointment
(4) Do not tint or perm your lashes prior to your appointment. 
(5) Unfortunately NO children are allowed to accompany you to your appointment as you
are required to have your eyes closed and RELAX.  Lash Naps are very common here! 

Please follow as this will help to get the best result from your New Lashes.

DO NOT GET your lashes WET for 24-48 hours after the procedure.
Do NOT use any eye products that contain oil. We do sell suitable products here that you can purchase. 
DO NOT wear mascara, unless it is our unique brand made for eyelash extensions.
BE GENTLE with your new lashes. Remember they are just bonded on!
Brushing your lashes is good for them. Usually a few times a day.
AVOID sauna's and steam rooms for up to 48 hours after your procedure.

Infills are required every 2-3 weeks if you wish to maintain your gorgeous lashes
DO NOT wear any make-up or moisturisers to your following refill appointments. 

AND MOST OF ALL... Enjoy your Longer Luscious Lashes and live LASHFULLY